FAQ - What is Zoom Whitening? | Luminous Dental Studio

https://www.myluminousdental.com/ Welcome to Luminous Dental Studio! If you've been looking into whitening your teeth, Zoom Whitening is a great option. What is the Zoom process and how does it work? Dr Kim says that the process is relatively quick, taking about an hour in the office. A gel is put on your teeth and then illuminated by an LED light that shines on the gel and activates a whitening chemical. Results vary between patients and you will also be provided with a take home kit that will supply a 'booster' session. If you are not fully satisfied with the initial results, a booster session can also be applied in the office. Curious about a brighter smile? Try Zoom Whitening at Luminous Dental Studio! We're easy to find: 10710 Eldorado PKWY #160 Frisco, TX 75035 Phone: (469) 606-3787