Keep Your Smile Safe

Your mouth is one of the more complex parts of your body. It incorporates your teeth, gums, and tongue, to allow you to breathe, speak, process food, and swallow. Athletes are at increased risk of suffering injuries including oral trauma. This is more likely to be an issue for those who play contact sports. In order to help prevent severe oral trauma many athletic associations schools, and leagues require the regular use of a protective mouth guards when participating in sports. These guards can help reduce potential damage to the mouth from an accidental blow to the face.

Many sporting goods stores carry a variety of protective mouth guards. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter mouth guards can feel uncomfortable or bulky. Some athletes have complained that they have trouble breathing when using them. You or another athlete in your household might want to consider scheduling a consultation appointment with our dentists, Dr. Kim and Dr. Chang. In many of these cases he can help provide you with a custom mouth guard. The mouth guard will be carefully created in a dental lab from a special type of soft, yet durable plastic material. It will be designed to conform to the shape of your teeth and mouth, and for maximum ventilation and ease of breathing.

If you live in the Frisco, Texas, area and you are interested in exploring your mouth guard options, you should call 469-731-5700 to schedule a consultation at Luminous Dental Studio.

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