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Throughout your life, you may have experienced dental accidents, problems, and other difficulties that made your smile less than perfect. A smile makeover at Luminous Dental Studio is a unique treatment plan of cosmetic and restorative dental services that should significantly improve the appearance of your teeth — and the overall health of your mouth. Your Luminous Dental Studio smile makeover treatment plan may include one or several of the following dental services:

  • Philips® ZOOM! teeth whitening for stains and discoloration on your enamel
  • Porcelain veneers on the surface of your teeth to hide minor flaws
  • Tooth-colored fillings that replace old metal fillings
  • Bonding and contouring to improve the shape and length of your teeth
  • Invisalign® clear braces 
  • Dental restorations (crowns, bridges, or dental implants) may be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth

 If you are interested in making over your smile so it's beautiful and healthy, schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Nam Kim or Dr. Minho Chang, at their practice in Frisco, TX to get your custom treatment plan.

Our Smile Design Software

Before you make a commitment to have a smile makeover, we have innovative Smile Design computer software by Planmeca to visualize your options in your consultation. This is imaging software that can help guide your choices with precision and focus on what you would like your smile to look like after the treatment is over. It can also show you comparable options for your dental services, such as what your teeth would look like with less invasive treatments (veneers) to minimally invasive restorations. The Smile Design software is also a wonderful tool if you are on a budget because you will be able to visualize what you need to have done versus a wish list of cosmetic dental treatments that can be an investment in your teeth.

Best Candidates

The aesthetics of your teeth can be transformed in our smile makeover services we offer at Luminous Dental Studio. As a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, your smile makeover will be based on what you personally need to have a gorgeous smile. We invite you to meet with our experienced general dentists, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang, to discuss the health and appearance of your teeth. We will customize your smile makeover treatment to create quality results and meet your aesthetic goals. Your smile makeover treatment plan may include one or several of the following dental services:

  • Old fillings with our tooth-colored fillings
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Broken teeth (chips or cracks)
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • An uneven smile that may have misaligned, crooked, or teeth next to each other of different lengths
  • Missing teeth or teeth that have to be restored because of trauma or decay

Before you have any cosmetic procedures, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will need to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If you have any prohibitive oral health problems, like a misaligned bite or gum disease, these will need to be addressed first.

What To Expect

Your experience with your smile makeover is very important to us, which is why we want you to feel and be included in the preparation of your treatment plan. A smile makeover is a combination of procedures that will likely take time to complete. This means that you may need to schedule several appointments in order to achieve your dental goals.

For more invasive treatments, like dental restorations (crowns or bridges), local anesthesia injections may be administered during some of the procedures. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) if you have dental fears or anxieties that cause you distress. Our dental team will explain what we are doing to your teeth at each appointment to keep you well informed. Throughout your smile makeover, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will be available to answer any questions or help you feel more comfortable about the treatments that take place.


Once your smile makeover is complete, you should maintain the health and appearance of your teeth with a good home oral care routine (both brushing and flossing every day). In addition to daily care, you should schedule dental exams and cleanings at Luminous Dental Studio so Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang can monitor your oral health. With proper care, the results of your smile makeover should last for many years. Touch-up treatments every few years, like teeth whitening, may help to refresh your smile. Veneers and restorations may also need to be repaired or replaced, which can all be discussed during your routine appointments.

Smiles With Excellent Design

Let Luminous Dental Studio help you get a smile you'll love showing off with a custom smile makeover. During your consultation with Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang, we will go over the cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that match your cosmetic goals. Contact our Frisco, TX office to schedule your smile makeover consultation. Don't live with a smile you do not like or want to hide. We have dental solutions for you.

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