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what are dentures?

Discover the difference our dentures (partial, full, or dental implant-supported dentures) can make in your oral health at Luminous Dental Studio. Extensive tooth loss from groups of missing teeth to the loss of all your teeth, general dentists Dr. Nam Kim and Dr. Minho Chang can meet your needs and preferences when it comes to the style of denture you want to wear. Partial or complete dentures for the upper arch, lower arch, or both can give you back the confidence you once had in the functionality and normal appearance that the right replacement denture brings. We offer three types of dentures at our practice:
Full dentures
Dentures that includes an upper arch and a lower arch of lifelike prosthetic teeth are considered a full denture restoration.

Partial dentures
When you have several missing teeth in a row and a denture is recommended, you may consider a partial denture, which is an oral appliance that can be secured onto your other natural teeth. Both full and partial dentures are removable at any time. You can take them out as needed to clean them and store them while you sleep at night.

Implant-supported dentures
If your jawbone can support a dental implant, then you may qualify for implant-supported dentures. Titanium implant body (implant post) will be placed inside your jawbone so that dentures can be secured into place with an implant-supported denture on top of it.

At Luminous Dental Studio, we will help you decide whether partial, full, or implant-supported dentures are best for your needs, and then have them custom made to look and feel natural. Reach out to us today for a private consultation with Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang to learn more about dentures.

am i a candidate for dentures?

Not replacing your teeth is not healthy for any remaining teeth, your gums, and the facial bones and muscles that atrophy in their absence. If you are missing teeth, the muscles and bones in your face will adapt and cause your face to droop or look sunken in. You may be an ideal candidate for dentures if you have suffered the loss of many teeth but still have healthy gums and a strong jawbone. If you have natural teeth, these may either be extracted for a traditional full denture (or an implant-supported denture) or kept with a partial denture. During your consultation, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will examine your mouth, review your dental history, and discuss your options.

how are dentures made?

If needed, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will document your teeth and gums with digital images and 3D digital impressions before and after the extractions of any teeth before taking oral impressions, which will be used to make your custom dentures. Partial dentures will be shaded to match your natural teeth for a seamless appearance. Depending on which type of dentures that you select, there may be a number of visits that you will need to make to our office. Some of our restorations have to be delayed until the gums heal for placement. We will be upfront with you about how much time this will take. Getting the right denture for your restorative process is a very time intensive process. Our dental team and your dentist will do what is necessary to give you the quality dental care, respect for your time, and flexibility to make appointments that are not too intrusive in your daily life. Also, if there are treatments that are a part of this process that causes you a lot of anxiety, we will take the time to explain what is going on and prepare you for what is next. Once your dentures are crafted, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will adjust the fit to make them comfortable to wear and secure. We will also go over the best way to care for your new dentures.

How do You care for dentures?

It may take some time before your new dentures feel natural but should look amazing in your mouth. You may need some time getting used to eating and speaking with the dentures in your mouth. If your dentures feel loose, return to Luminous Dental Studio to have your dentures readjusted. At home, you will need to keep your dentures clean by brushing them twice a day. When you remove your dentures, they should be soaked so they don't dry out. Continue to schedule exams and cleanings at Luminous Dental Studio. We will check the wear and fit of your dentures and the health of your jaw and gums. Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will let you know if you need to have your dentures repaired or replaced. With proper care, your dentures should last for many years.

Dentures FAQ

Do dentures look natural, or do dentures look fake?

When you've lost a significant number of teeth or all of your teeth, it changes your facial symmetry, often making you look older. When you get a set of full or partial dentures, it restores the normal symmetry to your face for a rejuvenated and improved appearance. Dr. Kim and Dr. Chang will take care to create a set of dentures with a size, shade, and shape that will look completely natural in your mouth, indistinguishable from real teeth.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture replaces a large row of missing teeth. This is typically done when the number of teeth missing is more than four, which would allow a dental bridge to be used. A partial denture will help restore your smile and allow you to eat, talk, and laugh normally while protecting the health of your natural teeth and gums.

What kind of problems are typical with dentures?

The most common problem that denture wearers face is a set of dentures that don't fit well. Dentures that are ill-fitting can slip, slide, or even fall out of the mouth. That's why Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim ensure that whether you need a full denture or partial denture, it is snug and comfortable to guarantee a good fit.

Are there alternatives besides traditional dentures?

Yes, there are. In fact, at Luminous Dental Studio, we offer the permanent solution of dental implants, which use an implant to permanently anchor dentures into the mouth for an even stronger fit than traditional dentures. During your consultation with Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang, ask them about how dental implants can help you create a beautiful, strong, permanent new smile.

restore your smile with dentures

Enjoy the confidence to eat and speak when your smile is restored with removable dentures. Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim are pleased to offer custom-made removable full and partial dentures for patients in Frisco, TX. Learn more on how dentures can restore your smile by scheduling a consultation at Luminous Dental Studio.

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