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When you visit our dental office at Luminous Dental Studio, you will meet our endearing dentists, Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim, who will carefully examine your teeth before making recommendations on how to repair or restore your smile. When you need a surgical extraction, this is a serious dental decision that can affect every aspect of your oral health. Our Frisco, TX dentists want you to have a functional, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing smile. Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim will do everything they can to save your tooth or teeth. However, if they have no way to save your tooth, they will be an excellent provider for natural-looking restorations. You may have been living with a toothache, a tooth that has so much significant damage that it makes it impossible to chew on that side of your mouth, or wisdom teeth causing your teeth to shift into an affected position. Your oral health matters to us no matter how complicated your dental condition appears to you. We are eager and committed to helping you love your smile again.

Best Candidates

You may be a candidate for a surgical tooth extraction if you exhibit the following dental conditions:

  • An impacted tooth
  • A tooth with a severe infection that has destroyed the tooth and damaged the reinforcing bone structure 
  • A tooth that has crowded the surrounding teeth
  • Serious decay that has damaged a tooth beyond repair thus making a successful crown or bridge cosmetic restoration impossible

The only real way you can tell if you need to have a tooth surgically removed is to have a consultation with a trusted, experienced dentist, like Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim. You will go through a diagnostic process with digital x-rays to determine the right course of action.  

What to Expect

Our dental team will take digital x-rays of the tooth or teeth that need to be treated. Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will also perform a dental exam. During your surgical extraction, you may have one or multiple teeth removed. We will prepare you with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation (if appropriate). Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will make a surgical incision into your gums and bone to get to your tooth to cut it out. In some dental scenarios, a tooth may need to be removed in small pieces instead of a whole. The socket will be cleaned, and the gums will be stitched closed. You will need to make arrangements to have someone drive you home after oral surgery.


A blood clot should form in the socket of the removed tooth after extraction. You need to keep this area clean and diligently watch for any signs of infection (discharge, fever, and swelling). After the extraction, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim suggests you have some over-the-counter pain medication on hand at home to manage your pain. Also, it is best to stick with a soft diet or a liquid diet after extraction for at least one day. Carefully brush your teeth to prevent damage to the socket. It may take 1 – 2 weeks before you begin to feel your gums and bone heal. In six months, we will observe and document how you recovered from the surgery.

Extract Your Dental Problems

Let our team at Luminous Dental Studio take a look at your teeth to decide what extraction method is appropriate for you. Of course, we would like to be able to save the tooth or teeth for you; however, when saving the tooth is not an option, turn to our dental team. We are here for you and we know that making the decision to have an oral surgery a big decision that is essential for your health. Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim will do their best to make your surgical dental experience as comfortable as possible.

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