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Our Gemini diode laser is a breakthrough technology our general dentists, Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim, use for a number of dental and periodontal treatments at Luminous Dental Studio. We offer the Gemini diode laser technology with dual-wavelength energy to perform safe and precise laser services for our Frisco, TX patients. The advancements of this technology can shorten procedure times and reduce the need for sutures (unlike surgical scalpels and electrosurgery of the past) after periodontal surgery because it can minimize bleeding and the risk of infection during recovery. To learn more about the diode laser and what services we perform with it, please call our office at your earliest convenience.

Best Candidates

You may be a candidate for a diode laser treatment at Luminous Dental Studio if you need:

  • Laser teeth cleaning or periodontal treatment
  • Removal of an old dental filling, lesion, or tumor in the mouth
  • Laser canker or cold sore removal
  • Laser gum surgery

There are several treatments and procedures where the diode laser can be used to increase precision and shorten your treatment time. The laser can also be used to kill bacteria before or during a treatment.

What to Expect

The Gemini diode laser is a small handheld device that Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will use to treat the gums. Before any treatment with the diode laser, you may receive a local anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide sedation to make the process more comfortable, if necessary. Energy from the laser is emitted in short pulses during the procedure, which should reduce the duration of the treatment. The innovative technology is gentle and allows for less pain and discomfort during and after your treatment.


Following any procedure using a diode laser, you may experience sore or swollen gums, but there generally is no need for stitches and bleeding should be minimal. If your pain is significant, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim may prescribe pain medication or suggest you take over-the-counter pain relievers. We will also provide specific aftercare instructions that will help in your recovery. You may need to go to a follow-up appointment, depending on what procedure was performed so Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim can monitor your recovery.

We offer laser dentistry

There are many benefits the Gemini diode laser can provide you — and with less trauma to your gums than other types of treatments. Spend less time in the dentist chair and heal faster with Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim. Contact Luminous Dental Studio in Frisco, TX to schedule your consultation and learn more about diode laser technology.

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