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Intraoral cameras, like our Iris intraoral camera by DigitalDoc, can provide you with a more detailed look at what is currently going on inside your mouth. At Luminous Dental Studio in Frisco, TX, we understand that dental imaging of the past with bitewings was awkward and at times, painful for our patients. Our general dentists, Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim, only want you to have the best experience.

Using our intraoral camera, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will have a high-resolution view of your mouth — and that view is on display for you to see as well. During your treatment and consultation at Luminous Dental Studio, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim will demonstrate the benefits of the intraoral camera. We welcome you to get in touch with Luminous Dental Studio for an appointment.

Best Candidates

Using an intraoral camera to examine the teeth and gums can be beneficial for any dental patient. It can help you better understand your dental conditions because they are visualized in real time to show you the problem. A useful tool for both you and your dental team is an amazing tool.

What To Expect

With a shape and size similar to a pen, our Iris intraoral camera is a flexible instrument that will transmit live video from your mouth to a high-definition monitor. Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will glide the camera over your teeth and gums while viewing the images on the screen. They will also be able to capture images for your electronic dental record that can be used for an in-depth analysis, documentation of your current state of dental health, and a record to go back to compare your progress and healing after procedures. This should ultimately help you have a better understanding of your dental health.


If a problem is detected with the intraoral camera, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will discuss with you the appropriate treatment options available to take care of it. Once a dental plan has been created, you should schedule a follow-up appointment(s) at Luminous Dental Studio to begin the next phase of your dental intervention. Typically, intraoral cameras can be beneficial in catching a dental problem early on, which means your treatment may be less invasive and less time-consuming. The camera can also be used during your treatment as a guide for Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang for better accuracy in the work.

For World-Class Technology

Accuracy in dental diagnosis is very important to every patient that walks in our doors. This is why we offer world-class diagnostic imaging and assessment tools, like our intraoral camera. At Luminous Dental Studio, we are proud to offer this advanced technology to better serve our patients. To learn more about the Iris intraoral camera by DigitalDoc, contact our practice in Frisco, TX.

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