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The best preventive measure you can take for your oral health is by having regular dental examinations with a trusted, experienced dentist. At Luminous Dental Studio, our general dentists, Dr. Minho Chang and Dr. Nam Kim, want you to be proactive with dental problems by getting them diagnosed and treated before they become painful dental emergencies. This is why it's important to schedule an annual dental exam for you and your family. While teeth are superficially examined during a cleaning, an exam provides a much more in-depth analysis.

Dental exams at Luminous Dental Studio evaluate your general oral health by checking for tooth decay, diseases, and signs of oral cancer — all with the latest dental technologies on the market today. After your dental cleaning, our general dentists, Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim, will determine your need for treatments and check your bite and jaw for problems. If you live in or near Frisco, TX, schedule a dental examination for yourself and your family at Luminous Dental Studio.

Digital x-rays and CBCT

If you are set to have a series of NOMAD digital x-rays (with a lower dose of radiation than traditional x-rays) performed at your dental examination, these images can help our dentists diagnose:

  • Bone abnormalities and/or bone loss
  • Tooth decay (even between your teeth)
  • Abscesses, cysts, tumors
  • Infection (can also be in the tooth nerves)
  • Tooth and/or filling fractures
  • Tooth or root development abnormalities

You may also qualify for a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan, which is a 3D imaging technology to capture a panoramic view of your overall oral health. It can also scan sections where treatment is needed the most (for example, before a root canal, any of our oral surgeries, and implant placement planning). It is also an excellent resource for orthodontic treatment, a diagnostic measure for the assessment of temporomandibular joint disorders (also known as TMJ). Once a digital x-ray and/or CBCT are made and saved within your electronic dental record, then our team at Luminous Dental Studio can direct your treatment in the most effective way.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer includes any abnormal growth of cells in the mouth, including the lips, gums, jawbone, salivary glands, tongue, and throat. Every dental exam at Luminous Dental Studio includes an oral cancer screening to look for early signs, including sores, inflammation, lumps, and lesions. Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang will also check your throat and jaw for abnormalities. If any areas of concern are found, a biopsy may be performed, or you will be referred to a specialist for further care.

Our Intraoral Camera

At your dental examination appointment, we will use the Iris intraoral camera by DigitalDoc, which will produce high-quality images without the bothersome bitewing x-rays of the past. With this technology, you will receive 3D digital images of the entire structure of your mouth during your appointment. The Iris intraoral camera looks like a wand, but it is a dental instrument with a camera on the tip so you can see in real time what your respective dentist sees at the same time. If there are dental needs to be addressed, Dr. Chang and Dr. Kim will review your options with you before determining your treatment plan.

Best Candidates for Dental Exam

Frisco, TX patients of all ages should get an annual dental exam. Many common problems, like gum disease (the biggest cause of tooth loss), do not have symptoms you can notice right away. When dental issues are caught early, the better your chances will be for a successful treatment with less invasive procedures.

What To Expect

Your dental examination will start with an overall evaluation of your gums, teeth, tongue, the roof of your mouth, the inside of your cheeks, throat, and other oral checkpoints. This will also include looking for signs of periodontal disease and oral cancer in your mouth. Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim may request digital x-rays. Your exam will include an evaluation of your bite (including your temporomandibular joints). We will also examine any restoratives or prosthetics you have, like crowns, bridges, or dentures to check the fit and wear. Once everything has been reviewed, your dentist will then talk about any follow-up dental issues found during the examination that need treatment.


The follow-up treatment will depend on your oral health. If Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim do not identify any issues, then the only follow-up would be to continue a regimen of dental health, including brushing and flossing twice a day, along with annual dental exams and bi-annual cleanings at Luminous Dental Studio. If Dr. Chang or Dr. Kim sees something that needs to be addressed, options will be discussed and scheduled as soon as possible.

To Your Lasting, Healthy Smile

Having a healthy mouth means you're not only going to the dentist if something goes wrong. Dental examinations are vital for beneficial preventive care. It can save your teeth and a considerable amount of money. For a dental examination, we recommend seeing Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang as often as recommended. By detecting decay and disease early, you will be able to stay on top of the issues. We do our best to make it easier for you to stay healthy. To make your appointment, contact Luminous Dental Studio in Frisco, TX.

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