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At Luminous Dental Studio, Dr. Nam Kim and Dr. Minho Chang offer the latest, cutting-edge dental treatments and procedures for patients of all ages. We provide a full range of oral care from dental exams and teeth cleanings to advanced procedures like dental implants and wisdom teeth extractions. Need a cosmetic improvement to your smile with Invisalign? We have that too. If you're in Frisco, TX, or the North Texas area, call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Whatever your dental needs, at Luminous Dental Studio, you can be sure you’re getting the best dental technologies available paired with service and expertise that are second to none.

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Our tooth-colored dental crowns can provide you with a lifelike functionality and appearance with an enamel shade that will blend in with your teeth.

Using only top-quality, lifelike materials to make our dental bridges, we can provide you with beautiful, functional, and fixed dental restorations.

Do you have extensive tooth loss? We ask that you consider our quality (full or partial) traditional, flexible, or dental implant-supported dentures.

Tooth-colored fillings can be a welcome solution to replacing silver-colored fillings you may still have in your old fillings. Let's replace them!

If you truly suspect that you may have a problem with your gums, don't hesitate to have to it checked out to prevent and/or treat periodontal disease.

Scaling and root planing are both treatments we use to reduce the impact of advanced periodontal disease on the roots of your teeth and gumline.

Using a dental laser, we can recontour your gumline (gingivectomy) to decrease periodontal disease, eliminate a gummy smile, and lengthen a crown.

We provide patients with Hiossen implants with a surgical root placement (post) with lifelike abutments for tooth stability, functionality, and look.

When your sinuses are adjacent to your jawbones, we can surgically lift the sinus floor to place a post that is needed to stabilize a dental implant.

Schedule your next dental exam at Luminous Dental Studio to check your teeth and gums for decay, misalignments, gum disease, oral cancer, and more.

Fresh breath and a dazzling smile can be maintained properly by daily care but also by keeping up with your bi-annual dental cleaning appointments.

With an application of a dental sealant on your teeth, you can be ready to fight off the formation and buildup of bacteria on your teeth.

Patients of all ages may benefit from our fluoride treatments (especially kids or adults who are prone to cavities) we can apply after your cleaning.

When you have a dental emergency, please call. We will do our best to see you that day and offer first-aid and pain management ideas in the interim.

Visualize a personalized smile makeover in your consultation with our Smile Design software to see what your options would look like in real time.

Our dentists provide top-quality dental veneers (like the e.Max or Zirconia veneers) that can easily take your smile to a new level of aesthetic.

After we make whitening trays for your teeth from a digital impression, we can send you home with teeth whitening gel to maintain your whitened teeth.

Bone grafting is a dental surgical technique used to build up an area (where your jawbone has atrophied from disease or decay) to make it stronger.

When a tooth has to come out, Dr. Kim or Dr. Chang can extract a damaged tooth without surgery if it has emerged and is visible above the gumline.

When a surgical extraction is necessary to remove an impacted, damaged, or decayed tooth, you can rely on our practice for surgery with precision.

Freeing the lingual frenum under the tongue or labial frenum under the lip can promote better health, movement, and functionality in your mouth.

When it is time for your wisdom teeth to come out, we have nonsurgical and surgical wisdom teeth extractions available with nitrous oxide sedation.

A root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy) is a procedure to clean out bacteria, treat the roots, and halt decay in a damaged tooth.

Put your mind at ease knowing that we offer nitrous oxide sedation at Luminous Dental Studio for all patients who qualify for it during treatment.

When traditional metal braces are not the right solution for your orthodontic needs, have a consultation for Invisalign clear aligners at our office.

Protect your teeth and jaw around the clock from the night grinding (bruxism) and jaw clenching movements you involuntarily make while you are asleep.

Our custom-made mouth guards are a great investment to protect the smile of any age when you are involved in contact sports or high-impact activities.

Our NOMAD digital x-rays are as easy on you as having your picture taken with a digital camera and ensures you get the diagnostic images you need.

With high-definition, our Iris intraoral cameras will give us clear, focused images of your teeth and gums so we can plan for precisely what you need.

Our go-to method for making dental molds is by using 3D impressions with our PlanScan by Planmeca — not the gooey physical molds of the past.

For services that involve the soft tissues in your mouth, we use the Gemini diode laser for its gold-standard precision and proven safety features.

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